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Ambulance Service

Sharon Law - Director

4874 HWY 421 N
Bedford, KY 40006

Hours:  24/7

502-255-0062 - Phone
502-255-0063 - Fax

Functions of Office

Trimble County EMS has recently moved in a positive direction by providing twenty-four hour emergency coverage to the citizens of this community.  The service is located at 4874 HWY 421N. and has seven full-time positions with a crew of two EMT's on duty at all times. Trimble County sometimes exceeds the emergency needs that can be provided by the crew on duty, therefore our 22 volunteers are still of great value to this service.  In addition to handling 911 call, they provide non-emergency services as well. 

The EMS provides Blood Pressure checks at the Senior Citizens building once a month.  They do events at schools in the county such as first aide and CPR classes and teach basic first aide and the importance of the 911 system and when to use it to the elementary classes, and the boy and girl scouts. 

The EMS is interested in providing instructions and demonstrations to any organization that would want to learn life saving knowledge or would want to learn life saving knowledge or more about what they do.


Last Updated 7/7/2014